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Today I received the sad news, one of my best long-time friends, -Jörg Tetzlaff-, passed away after a short, serious illness at the age of 63 years. He was one of the best model builders …

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Yes, today the vast majority of us fly the pattern planes powered electrically. This is not only practical, but many of the old structures unfold electrically modernized their real potential. » read more

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Toni Clark`s Cap 21


Today I received the sad news, one of my best long-time friends, -Jörg Tetzlaff-, passed away after a short, serious illness at the age of 63 years. He was one of the best model builders …

Webra – the story


WEBRA – an epoch in model engine construction!
Review of a historical development of WEBRA model engines in Germany and Austria. We thank Mr. Gerhard Kaineder for documenting the history of Webra. The retirement si him …

Manitu, the Classicpattern aircraft from the 70s


Manitu – Classicpattern Plane
In the 1970s, the Bavarian model pilot Harald Neckar was Germany’s best aerobatic pilot. He won several German championships, and at the 1973 World Championships in Gorizia he achieved an outstanding 4th …

F3AX Kleeberg Throphy 1981


As in the previous year 1980, the MFC Lemgo again organized an aerobatic competition for large-scale model aircraft. The competition took place on the club’s own site, the Kleeberg, which is located in the scenic …

F3A Aerobatic plane Papillion


This F3A model Papillon was developed in 1981 by the German F.Grützmacher and manufactured in small series. It could be operated with side exhaust engine as well as with rear outlet and integrated resonance tube. …

MK Aurora, owned by Bruno Schiffler


Damn close?
It was 1985.
It was the time when RC-1 stood for the crowning glory of model flying skills and the only source of information was catalogs and specialist magazines memorized every month …

1979 FAI F3A Aerobatic World Championship


Many thanks to the South African Len Salter for this terrific report, many thanks also to Phil Stevens and Gerard Werion for the unique photos.

Our daily Instagram photos


F3a World Championship Pensacola 1983 in USA. Canadian competitor Ivan Kristensen with his two competition ‘Citation’ aircraft. It was a design by former world champion Yoshioka. The aircraft had a wingspan of 1.68 metres and …

Kurt Bauerheim – One of the best R/C aerobatic pilots of the sixties


Kurt Bauerheim, weltweit in der R/C Kunstflugszene durch seinen dritten Platz bei der FAI R/C Kunstflugweltmeisterschaft in Korsika 1967 und sein damaliges Wettbewerbsmodell Kompromiss:

Bella Italia RAC 2018


Review 6.-8.July 2018, RAC Raduno Aeromodelli Classici 2018. At last, it’s starting again! After a two-year break and as requested by the Foligno historical organiser, we have put our beloved old stuff back on the …

RC1 Aerobatic Plane Trouble


Chris Teuwen about his ‘Trouble’, the R/C plane he used in the F3A World Cup in Sweden.
First a sleek hull was drawn, which offered little resistance and two prototypes built have been build, one with a …

Graupner`s Caravelle


Today, we present photos from the Graupner family archive for the very first time. We would like to thank the Graupner family for supporting us in our future research into the history of model aircraft. …

Benito Bertolani – A live for R/C flying


Benito Bertolani, born in Sorbano del Giudice (Lucca) on the 2nd July 1938. The premier veteran of Italian model flying.  At the tender age of 9 years little Benito found his way to model flying. …

TOC Cult Decals!


Between 1974 and 2002 the legendary Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Las Vegas took place 18 times. The founder and sponsor of this famous competition, Mr. William G. Bennett, invited the 20 or 21 worldbest …

Aerobatic world championship 1975 Bern / Suisse


Aerobatic R/C Airplane World Championships BERN, 8.-13.Sept. 1975
THE World Radio Control Championships for aerobatic model aircraft came home for the ninth successive competition for the King of the Belgians trophy at Bern, Switzer-land, September 8th-13th.

Seyer Brother`s Diabolo


Review of Seyer brother`s Diabolo – In mid-70s, as a child, Thorsten Seyer learned under the guidance of his big brother Bernd how to control model aircraft. The initial spark came during a demonstration flight …

F3AX Neckartalcup 1982


Review, Tübingen, 3th July, 982: The competition in Las Vegas has inspired the model pilots to a new class: For quite some time now, but now this class has been coming into its own, with …

10. Retroday in Pfäffikon/Schweiz


Pfäffikon, 4,july 2020 Review: Despite Corona, the annual retro meeting of the Swiss model flying club Pfäffikon took place. Sun laughs, pure models. The model pilot’s heart beats faster than ever before.
More than 30 participants, …

Gustav Sämann `s Feuervogel


Gustav Saemann was a German model aircraft designer. As early as the 1950s, he designed various free flight models, the very first being his Taifun (1951) or the A2 glider model Bussard. One of his …

Ivano Garzena Memorial 2020


Review: The Italian retro meeting took place from 10-12 July 2020 in the Acquqrossa Park in Gualdo Cattaneo / Perugia. The date of the meeting was actually fixed for June. For months the accommodation in the …

Aerobatic World Championships 1967 Corsica


THE 5th World R/C Championships was held 21st-25th June, at Ajaccio, Corsica, organized by the Federation Francaise d’Aero Modelism. Meeting point for competitors and official parties was at Nice on the 21st from where we …

8. F3A Retroday in Pfaeffikon / Switzerland 6. July 2019


On Saturday July 6 we participate in the 8th edition of old aerobatic models from the period to 1980, This meeting is base of the 2010 Retro day in Dubendorf the meeting was held in …

F3A World Championships 1973 Gorizia / Italia


 F3A World Championships 1973 Gorizia / Italia, 15 new pictures!
The 8th World Radio Control Championships for aero-batics (F.A.I. Class F3A) was a cliff-hanger to the end. It was also the largest ever of the series …

Visit at Xoar Factory


Just weeks ago a friend of us visit Xoar factory in Henan. It`s very impressive, a very big hitech  factory. Grupp-Modellbau / Germany is now the main Europe Dealer. His warehouse is amazing! Here are …