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WEBRA – an epoch in model engine construction!
Review of a historical development of WEBRA model engines in Germany and Austria. We thank Mr. Gerhard Kaineder for documenting the history of Webra. The retirement si him …

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All the news about associations, clubs and other interest groups that organize retro aerobatic meetings and competitions. » read more

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Yes, today the vast majority of us fly the pattern planes powered electrically. This is not only practical, but many of the old structures unfold electrically modernized their real potential. » read more

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Infos about the famous airplanes of that time, which were built and flown a lot, or wich have been particularly successful. Reviews of earlier pictures and lots of information. » read more

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F3AX Kleeberg Throphy 1981


As in the previous year 1980, the MFC Lemgo again organized an aerobatic competition for large-scale model aircraft. The competition took place on the club’s own site, the Kleeberg, which is located in the scenic …

Bella Italia RAC 2018


Review 6.-8.July 2018, RAC Raduno Aeromodelli Classici 2018. At last, it’s starting again! After a two-year break and as requested by the Foligno historical organiser, we have put our beloved old stuff back on the …

10. Retroday in Pfäffikon/Schweiz


Pfäffikon, 4,july 2020 Review: Despite Corona, the annual retro meeting of the Swiss model flying club Pfäffikon took place. Sun laughs, pure models. The model pilot’s heart beats faster than ever before.
More than 30 participants, …

Ivano Garzena Memorial 2020


Review: The Italian retro meeting took place from 10-12 July 2020 in the Acquqrossa Park in Gualdo Cattaneo / Perugia. The date of the meeting was actually fixed for June. For months the accommodation in the …

1.CMAF Classic Aerobatic competition in Japan


From October 13 to 14, 2018, the 1st CMAF Classicpattern Aerobatic Competition took place in Ogaki-Shi, Gifu Prefecture (near the city of Nagoya). Organizer was the Seino R / C model flying club together with …

8. F3A Retroday in Pfäffikon 7. Juli 2018


On Saturday July 7 we participate in the 8th edition of old aerobatic models from the period to 1980, This meeting is base of the 2010 Retro day in Dubendorf the meeting was held in …

2017 Retro Cup of the MFC Jauntal Austria


The 4th Retro Cup Flying Meet for retro pattern models was held on the flying field of the Model Flying Club Jauntal/St. Stefan in Austria.

3rd Carinthia F3A Classicpattern meeting and competition


Sankt Stefan / Austria
Saturday 27th, and 28th, August 2016 was on Airfield of Modelflyingclub Jauntal (Austria) the 3rd Carinthia F3A Classicpattern meeting and competition.
Invided was all friends and Fans of Classic Pattern planes of the …

One day – 2 Komet Victories!


The weekend 27/28.August 2016 us at the same 2 victories at 2 Classicpattern competitions on 2 continents! 2 x successful Komet…

6. F3A Retroday in Pfäffikon 9. Juli 2016


On Saturday July 9 we participate in the 6th edition of old aerobatic models from the period to 1980, This meeting is base of the 2010 Retro day in Dubendorf the meeting was held in Pfaffikon …

F3A Retroday 2014 / Pfaeffikon /Switzerland


F3A Retroday in Pfaeffikon /Switzerland 2014

5th, July 2014:

F3A Retroday 2015 / Pfaeffikon /Switzerland


F3A Retroday 2015 Pfaeffikon /Switzerland
11th, July 2015:

COX & Co. 2015


Osnabrücker Modellsport-Club DO-X e.V.
Treffen für klassische Modellflugzeuge COX & Co. 2015
29.-30.August 2015
Jedes Jahr veranstaltet der Modellflugclub Osnabrück e.V. das Retro Meeting COX & Co. 2015 erschienen 47 Teilnehmer mit ca. 150 Retro Flugmodellen. Einige Piloten …

Duebersdorf F3A WC Classic Pattern Show


Im Rahmen der F3A Kunstflugmeisterschaft 2015 fand gleichzeitig eine Ausstellung mit zum Teil sehr seltenen Flugmodellen der F3A Geschichte statt.

Past Classic Pattern Meetings


Hier berichten wir über Verbände, Clubs und Interessengemeinschaften die Retro Kunstflugtreffen / Wettbewerbe organisieren bzw. organisiert haben. Gerne veröffentlichen wir auch Ihre Aktivitäten. Voraussetzung ist es muss themenbezogen zu Retro sein. Wir bitten die Organisatoren …

Retro Meeting Umbria / Italien


Review Vintage Meeting TourUmbria / Italy 10th-12th, July 2015
On 10th-12th, July 2015,the 6th Italy Vintage Meeting Tour took place in Umbria Province/ Italy. About20 Italian pilots take part at this event.