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WEBRA – an epoch in model engine construction!
Review of a historical development of WEBRA model engines in Germany and Austria. We thank Mr. Gerhard Kaineder for documenting the history of Webra. The retirement si him …

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Find out more about the F3A World Championships. F3A is the name of a model airplane competition class. » read more

Clubs and Associations

All the news about associations, clubs and other interest groups that organize retro aerobatic meetings and competitions. » read more

Engine tests

Yes, today the vast majority of us fly the pattern planes powered electrically. This is not only practical, but many of the old structures unfold electrically modernized their real potential. » read more

Retro Classics

Infos about the famous airplanes of that time, which were built and flown a lot, or wich have been particularly successful. Reviews of earlier pictures and lots of information. » read more

Sky Aviations

Sky Aviations News / From the board. Its about new products and activities. » read more

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ARF Aerobatic Arrow


The R/C Aerobatic WC 1979 und 1981winner plane
Available as either glow powered or EP
We are proud of the Arrow and offer to you after our Marabu as second way to fly your own world …

Fly Classic Pattern Planes on your desktop computer


Fly your own Kwik-Fli! This is the Graupner KWIK FLY MK3 in the REFLEX XTR² model flight simulator, flown at Hanno Prettner`s club airfield (MFG Klagenfurt / St. Johann im Rosental) in Austria.

Project Classic Pattern Plane Banshee


BANSHEE WC73 Gorizia Edition – BANSHEE is an aerobatic airplane construction designed by American Top-R/C pilot Jim Martin. Jim used this design at the Aerobatic Model World Championships 1973 held at Gorizia in Italy.

Engine collectors accessories


The perfect engine stand for your model engine collection.
You search a display solution for your engine collection?

Komet Video


Here you find the newest video of our classic pattern plane Komet, flown by old German F3a specialist Peter Erang.

Sky Aviations ARF Arrow


We have reworked the wooden structure of our wooden Arrow and can now offer the Arrow with a Fiberglass fuselage. 12th, October 2017 Update
The Arrow is a pure-bred aerobatics aeroplane, reconstructed in accordance with the …