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Today I received the sad news, one of my best long-time friends, -Jörg Tetzlaff-, passed away after a short, serious illness at the age of 63 years. He was one of the best model builders …

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Find out more about the F3A World Championships. F3A is the name of a model airplane competition class. » read more

Clubs and Associations

All the news about associations, clubs and other interest groups that organize retro aerobatic meetings and competitions. » read more

Engine tests

Yes, today the vast majority of us fly the pattern planes powered electrically. This is not only practical, but many of the old structures unfold electrically modernized their real potential. » read more

Retro Classics

Infos about the famous airplanes of that time, which were built and flown a lot, or wich have been particularly successful. Reviews of earlier pictures and lots of information. » read more

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Sky Aviations News / From the board. Its about new products and activities. » read more

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Tournament of Champions 1988 Las Vegas


Between 1974 and 2002 the legendary Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Las Vegas took place 18 times. The founder and sponsor of this famous competition, Mr. William G. Bennett, invited the 20 or 21 worldbest …

Komet Video


Here you find the newest video of our classic pattern plane Komet, flown by old German F3a specialist Peter Erang.

F3A Model World Championship Bern 1975


F3A Aerobatic World Championship 1975 Bern with Wolfgang Matt, Hanno Prettne,r Dave Brown, Mark Radcliff and Okumura Yoshioka

Joe Unger`s 1960 R/C Movie


Here’s a vintage film of early 1960’s RC flying taken by Joe Unger. This was an AMA sanctioned contest at Lodi, Wisconsin. In this film are some of the very first digital proportional radios and …

Classic Pattern Plane Tipoare


A Great Planes classic pattern plane, the Tiporare.

Mach1 Classicpattern Plane 1975


Mach 1 1975 Patternplane. These seventies models were very fast aerobatic (pattern) aircraft with their retractable landing gear. As engines became more powerful, speeds slowed down as they relied more on torque than “ballistic” momentum.
This …

1972 Chicago R/C Pattern


The publisher discovered some 16mm silent film from the great Chicago Radio Control Nationals. For a couple years running in the early 1970s the Navy opened it’s gates to the entire AMA national contest. Free …

Peter Wessels F3A WM 1987


Peter Wessels at the F3A World Championship 1987

Gichi Naruke F3A WM 1987


Gichi Naruke at the F3A WM 1987

Hanno Prettner F3A 1987


Hanno Prettner Austria at F3A WC 1987

Robbe Maexi


Robbe Maexi was offered in 2011 as anniversary edition “70 Years Robbe”

Hanno Prettner flies his Skybolt at TOC 1988


This is taken from a VHS video I made of Hanno Prettner flying his second Skybolt at the 1988 Las Vegas TOC Aerobatic competition.. This is the first Known sequence flown on the first day …