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Visit at Xoar Factory

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Just weeks ago a friend of us visit Xoar factory in Henan. It`s very impressive, a very big hitech  factory. Grupp-Modellbau / Germany is now the main Europe Dealer. His warehouse is amazing! Here are some impressions of Xoar factory:


Company Capability


Wuhu, China:

  • Headquarter
  • Production, Testing, R&D, Services
  • Zhengzhou, China:
  • Satellite Production, Services

Los Angeles, USA:

  • International Distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Warehouses

Qingdao, China:

  • Satellite Sales Office


Company Capability

Sales & Marketing

Sales – Responsive, Technical, Penny Rule:

  • Territory: Distributors in 36 countries
  • Customers in 74 Countries
  • On Line & Off Line: Establish MSRP
  • Distribution & Direct: By Product Category
  • Technical Sales: Consulting + Data + Services + Testing Data
  • International Distribution & E-commerce & Warehouses

Marketing – Propel Your Imagination:

  • Brand and Digital Marketing: Mr. Leo Ko
  • 15 years of Design and Digital Marketing experience at PacSun, GUESS, The Beach People.
  • Trade Show: 5 to 6 International Trade shows & 4 to 5 Domestic Trade Show annually
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Industry Forum
  • Advertisement: RC Universe, RC groups, Unmanned System Technology Magazine

Sponsorship: Sponsored Pilots – Flight School

Who We Are

Design, Production, Testing, Service of Aerospace Propulsion System

      • Design:
      • –Tailor Made solution
      • –NASA Software and Experiences


      • –Integrated, Automated Production System for Wooden, Composites Propeller


      • –Data Services


      • –Installation
      • –Repairing
      • –Consulting
      • –Propulsion System Consolidation

      Company Capability 102 Employees:


        • CFO, Accountant: 3 Persons
        • Public Relationship, Investor and Government and Industry Committee: 3 Persons
        • Sales + Technical sales: 8 Persons
        • IT & Marketing: 4 Persons
        • Back office: 2 Persons:
        • Purchasing, Logistic: 2 Persons
        • Testing Team: 16 Persons
        • Production and Repairing: 62 Persons



      Equipment – Production

      • Tailor-Made CNC 3,5 axis
      • Laser Cutter
      • Wood Compressor & Laminator
      • High Accuracy Drilling Machine
      • Sander &Polisher
      • Temp & Humidity adjustable kiln
      • Constant Temp &Humidity Clean Room
      • Cooler Storage
      • Automated Composites
      • Production Line – Tailor Made
      • Spraying line
      • Autoclave
      • Nickel Plating
      • Anodic Oxidation
      • Heated Press













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