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1.First flight glow Arrow

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Oktober 2017 / maidenflight of our first Glow Arrow in Texas / USA. Piloted by  Todd Blose

firstflight 36s

firstflight 21s

firstflight 01s

firstflight 22s

firstflight 02s

firstflight 03s

firstflight 04s

firstflight 05s


firstflight 20s

firstflight 14s

firstflight 13s

firstflight 10s

firstflight 11.sjpg

firstflight 12s

firstflight 23s

firstflight 24s

firstflight 28s

firstflight 19s

firstflight 15s

firstflight 09s

firstflight 08s

firstflight 07s

firstflight 06s

firstflight 25s

firstflight 26s

firstflight 27s

firstflight 29s

firstflight 30s

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