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Welcome to my “Radio Control Oldies” section.

When I started flying Competitive Aeromodelling in the late 60’s, I was particularly interested in aerobatic models, then called RC1.

At the time, a great and very desirable aircraft was Phil Kraft’s model “Kwik Fli”, with which Phil won the 1967 World Championships in Ajaccio in Corsica. Of course, I also wanted the associated Kraft Radio Control, which appeared in 1968 under the name “Gold Medal Series”. 

Unfortunately, at the time, this system was prohibitively expensive due to the high $ exchange rate and I had to settle for a power-licensed Rowan “Propcontrol”. In 1971, I was able to acquire an original Kraft “Seventy-One” series transmitter from a friendly, American military doctor stationed here in Germany, at relatively favourable terms. For many years I remained faithful to the Kraft brand and in 1977 I acquired the ultimate Radio Control System, a “Kraft Signature Series” and the leading system at that time.

However, through my Competitive Aeromodelling, I was approached by the company Graupner and about 1980 I was sponsored with a very reliable Graupner Varioprop system.

Sometime in the middle of the 80’s I decided that I still wanted an old Kraft “Gold Medal” Transmitter and I had the idea to get one for myself.  But that was not so easy, because there was neither Internet nor eBay and in Germany, the Kraft system was still rare and unavailable. So I ran an advert in the American magazine “RCModeler” and finally got my Gold Medal transmitter. Gradually, other models from Kraft and various other American manufacturers systems were added to my growing collection

Of course, I was also especially interested in the Radio Control equipment of the German manufacturers. Here my friends Gerhard Seubert and Walter Mischka came to my aid, supplying me with equipment from Graupner like the “Standard 20”, “Bellaphon 3” and other 10-channel radio control systems like the TX-14 / RX-14 for the Graupner side as well as the OMU, RIM and the Stegmaier Valve RC System 
Gradually, the radio control systems of other German manufacturers were also added to my collection.

Many pages are only complete due to the pictures of Volker Friederich’s equipment. These pictures are marked “Picture: VF”.

On the following pages I would like to introduce this collection. 
Of course, it is far from complete and perhaps the systems are not always properly described. However, I am grateful for any suggestions if you can help.

If you have any questions or suggestions or have an old transmitter or system for sale, please send me an email at the address below.

Karlheinz Schmid

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