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arrow sky 01s
ARF Arrow, available in spring 2021 in electric and nitro versions

Banshee (Gorizia edition)

banshee 01s
ARF Banshee,Available March 2021 in electric version (nitr engine installation only by customers)

Manitu (Springfield edition)

manitu sky 01s
Harald Neckar`s ARF Manitu. Fuselages comes out of original 1976 moulds, however, the version shown in the photo below will be supplied. (not the yellow one in the photo) Manitu Springfield Edition
Manitu, Springfield Edition
Manitu usa400
Manitu Springfield Version, Lieferbar März 2021

Unsere ehemaligen Produktionen

Komet ARF F3A:


Marabu Version 69 ARF F3A



Marabu Version 71 ARFmarabu71_400


Original OPS Engines

Für alle Nitro Enthusiasten bieten wir original OPS Motoren an / Made in Italy

ops engines

Our ARF model aircraft in hobby magazines

Magazin Test review Komet FMT 01/2017


Download Test review: FMT Komet
Magazin Test Review Modell 07/2016

test komet modell

Download Review: Modell Komet
Magazin Test Review Marabu FMT 01/2016

test marabu fmt

Download Test Review: FMT Marabu


Magazin Test Review Marabu 03/2016

test marabu modell

Download Test review: Modell Marabu