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In the mid-50s, Karlheinz Stegmaier designed a remote control system that used vacuum to operate the servos (membrane cans). A vacuum pump flanged to a Ruppert or Webra boxer diesel engine provided the necessary vacuum. A vacuum reserve tank provided the necessary energy in case the engine stopped prematurely.

The mechanical parts of the system, later the complete system, were manufactured by Helmut Bernhardt, Berchtesgaden/Bay.

However, the sales success of the system does not seem to have been very high. The transmitter shown has the serial number 107, and probably not many more were sold. About 2000 Graupner Standard 20 systems were sold in the same period. The system was certainly very complex and fragile.

From 1958/59 on, OMU sold the Stegmaier system, but with their own 8-channel 188Q transmitter, the OMU 358 receiver and a Stegmaier valve successor set.
Next to the Graupner Standard 10, the Stegmaier system is probably the rarest and hardly to be found remote control system!



Stegmaier transmitter front view



Stegmaier transmitter rear view



Stegmaier transmitter cover plate



Lettering cover plate



Decal with serial number



Transmitter interior



Transmitter interior



OMU transmitter 188Q with 8 channels for Stegmaier



Stegmaier receiver 1st version with tongue relay



Stegmaier receiver 1st version



Stegmaier receiver 2nd version



Stegmaier receiver 2nd version with valve set



Stegmaier receiver with OMU tongue relay



Stegmaier receiver 2nd version



Diaphragm cans and vacuum reserve cylinders



Mounting frame for vacuum reserve cylinder

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