2017 Retro Cup of the MFC Jauntal Austria

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The 4th Retro Cup Flying Meet for retro pattern models was held on the flying field of the Model Flying Club Jauntal/St. Stefan in Austria.

It saw model designs from 1969 to 1987, particularly the classics Marabu, Super Sicroly, Curare, Atlas, Magic, Calypso, Arrow, Komet, and even a Telaves Mark 17 from Switzerland.
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Beautiful summer weather at Sunday was perfect for the contest, which was only one class with a quite simple schedule to attract also pilots who have little time for practising. Still all contestants were well prepared and flew even better than in the last years.
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More different model designs than in the last years were shown and flown, some built from plans and some ARFs. Marabu, Komet, and Arrow (and more in the future) by Sky Aviations and the Curare by Schweighofer make for a good range to choose from.

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Nearly all models were electric, only Mark 17 and a Magic were glow powered.

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A real highlight was a 2,80m  (110”) Dalotel, built from Hanno Prettner’s original plans.

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It has an electric drive (Hacker F3A C54, 5000 10s LiPo) and a Brenner Contra gear for counter-rotating props, which makes a noise similar to that of Hanno’s famous geared drive.

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The model weighs in at only 7.5kg (16.5lbs) what allows a slow and elegant flying style.

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Competition Rules:

eligible planes was build until 1983,- original and replicas.  The planes can flown by electric or Nitro (10cc) powerplants up to 22,2 V and &s Lipo. Planes with Nitro engines get on each flight additional 30 points. Planes they are constructed before 1970 get get on each flight additional 70 points.

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Classic Pattern Flying program:

1. Start K 8
2. Double Immelmann K 10
3. 3 fast rollsK 15
4. Figure M with 1/4 Rolls K 10
5. Cuban Eight K 15
6. 3 inside Loops K 10
7. invert flight 8
8. 3 Turn Spin K 15
9. approach landing flight 10
10. Landing

Gerald Zikulnig / MFC Jauntal-St.Stefan

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