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Toni Bäuerle`s Robbe Mäxi

Today we received a message from our good hobby buddy Toni Bäuerle: He flew in his brand new seal Maexi today. Created from an original Robbe kit with prefabricated fuselage, Toni acquired this model from an estate and restored it completely. He realized his long-awaited dream of building and flying an original Robbe Mäxi. The kit dates back to 1971 / 1972.

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Tony Bäuerle with his new toy

Toni is happy, today his dream model airplane took off for its maiden flight. Equipped with a Webra 61 Speed and Graupner resonance tube, the plane has enough speed to fly all kinds of aerobatic maneuvers. The propeller is a Zinger 11×8. The flying weight is dry 3380 grams, the fuselage is painted, the wings and tail unit are covered with Oracover.


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