Engel Uniphon

Engel, based in Knittlingen, Germany, has never been a manufacturer of its own remote controls, but offered other manufacturers’ controls under its own name. At the end of the 1950s, Engel sold its 1- and 2-channel systems under the name “Alphamat”. The manufacturer of these two systems was Klemm, which produced the Standard 10, 20 and 30 control systems for Graupner from 1954. The Engel rowing machine “Combo” was recommended for the system. At the beginning of the 1960s, Engel introduced a tone-modulated 1-channel remote control system called “Uniphon” for the transmitter and “Uniton” for the receiver.

The transmitter was tone-modulated at 1000 Hz, single-stage, self-excited and crystal-controlled. On request, the system could also be ordered in version II with a tone frequency of 800 Hz. The system also included a small rowing machine called “Minicombo”.

As a special feature, the system could be converted to a proportional control system with the electronic proportional transmitter “Unitac” and the proportional rudder machine “Propomatic”. The rudder could be controlled proportionally and the engine, for example, could also be throttled using the push rod attached to the side of the Propomatic.

The system was manufactured by Strato X. The company behind it was Elektronische Steuerungen, S. Kussmaul, Ing., Niefern / Pforzheim, Eutingerstr.2, which later became known worldwide under the name “Multiplex”.


Klemm/Engel Radio Alphamat I


Uniphon transmitter, Uniton receiver and Minicombo


Unitac Proportional encoders and Propomatic Servo


1-Kanal receiver + servo


Rotomatik servo


Minicombo servo

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