The company Micro-Avionics Inc, P.O. Box 385, Arcadia, California, launched its first proportional system in July 1965. It was the “Green” type, as the transmitter and receiver were housed in a green anodised aluminium case. The system had 5 channels and the servos used were Orbit mechanics.
As far as I know, the company was founded by Don Mathes, who had previously been involved in the development of the Kraft KP-4 at Kraft-Systems. The electronic design of the transmitter is very similar to the first Kraft KPT-4 transmitter.

The Micro-Avionics systems were built under licence in Germany by the company Brand-Elektronik and marketed under the name micro-prop volldigital.
A detailed description of the history of the Micro Avionics systems can be found at: ” http://www.rchalloffame.org/index.html


micro-avionics “green” from 1965


micro-avionics 6-channel from 1967



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