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One day – 2 Komet Victories!

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The weekend 27/28.August 2016 us at the same 2 victories at 2 Classicpattern competitions on 2 continents! 2 x successful Komet…

28th, august 2016:

Alfred Trettenbein with Skyaviations`s Komet wins the 3rd Carinthia`s Classic Pattern competition!

USA august 2016:

Victor Diaz with Skyaviation`s Komet wins the Prattville Classic Pattern Meeting Advanced Class!

In both competitions our comet was used !

The winner of Austria: Alfred Trettenbein with Skyaviations`s Komet

The winner of USA: Victor Diaz with Skyaviations`s Komet

Concratulations to our winners!


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