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8. F3A Retroday in Pfäffikon 7. Juli 2018

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On Saturday July 7 we participate in the 8th edition of old aerobatic models from the period to 1980, This meeting is base of the 2010 Retro day in Dubendorf the meeting was held in Pfaffikon model airfield near Zürich a friendly meeting to exchange and fly Classic Pattern. This year was more then 30 planes there.

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Taurus Pusher


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Taurus Pusher


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Graupner Cravelle


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Blue Angel


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Taurus Pusher


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Karlhein Schmid`s Orion
pfaeffikon2018 40s
Guido Patrocini with his Taurus Pusher



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Giezendanner Pelikan


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Graupner Maxi


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Robbe FB-37


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