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Retro Meeting Umbria / Italien


Review Vintage Meeting TourUmbria / Italy 10th-12th, July 2015

On 10th-12th, July 2015,the 6th Italy Vintage Meeting Tour took place in Umbria Province/ Italy. About20 Italian pilots take part at this event.

About the Italy Vintage tour

Vintage Meeting Tour born in Foligno -Italy in2010 as “F3A Vintage Meeting”. All started from a thread onBaronerosso Forum, named “Galaxy of Ruggero Pasqualini” and a group of passionate aeromodellers decided to meet yourself for displaying theirmodels. A copy of Galaxy were produced and some of vintage F3A models were builted for first meeting. From 4th meeting “F3A vintagemeeting” was changed in “Vintage meeting” opening to all modelsproduced and designed from 1957 to 1993.The original meeting was exported in 3 regions in Italy: Lombardia, Umbria and Toscana.

2005 was the 6th Edition.

Cristiano Giustozzi (Organisator)





retromeeting_italy2015_03Benito Bertolani`s planes


retromeeting_italy2015_02Benito`s birthday cake


retromeeting_italy2015_05Cristiano Giustozzi, Organisator Italien Retro Tour

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