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The Seyer CAP 231

In the mid-seventies, during his childhood days, Thorsten Seyer learned how to fly model aircraft under the guidance of his big brother Bernd. The desire to learn to fly  was triggered following an air show demonstration by the then world-famous aerobatic pilot Wolfgang Dallach.

Since then, the aerobatic bug has not let go of the Seyer brothers. With the start of the F3AX scene in Germany, Thorsten also began to participate in competitions in both classes, F3A and F3AX.

There were some podium finishes over the next 20 years and inspired by well-known pilots and designers from the scene, the Seyer’s designed their own range of model aircraft. For example, the Seyer Diabolo was 2.50 meters wingspan and about 8 kilograms flying weight.

vom left to right: Classicpattern Editor, Peter Erang, Bernd Seyer, Karlheinz Koucky, Bettina Hanke July 1982 F3AX Neckartalcup Tuebingen

During the 80s, the first Seyer Props emerged. Very quickly, these propellers were used by F3AX competition pilots – the propellers were the guarantee providing lower aircraft noise but with superb power enhancing efficiency. This was followed by the Seyer resonance mufflers (tuned pipes) as well as other model aircraft such as the legendary Seyer CAP 231 / 232.

Here’s an excellent example of Seyer construction quality, a CAP231 in Icebeer scheme.



Wingspan: 2,82 Meter
Length: 2,36 Meter
Flying weight: 11,5 kg / 25,5 lbs
Recommended gas engine: 70 – 80cc
Recommended Electric Power Unit: Leomotion 8025-0180-f3x/
Batterie: Lipo 12S

These model aircraft were built from 1992. A total of 149 kits were manufactured. Most of the model airplanes were sold to Austria, Switzerland and Germany and Sweden.

Seyer is now rebuilding this aircraft as an ARF model.


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seyer cap21 02s


Here another painting scheme, please click in the image:

click in image


seyer cap21 03s


seyer cap21 04s


seyer cap21 05s


seyer cap21 06s


seyer cap21 07s


seyer cap21 08s


seyer cap21 09s


seyer cap21 10s


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seyer cap21 30s


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seyer cap21 27s


Second painting scheme:

seyer cap2 11

seyer cap2 10

seyer cap2 09

seyer cap2 08

seyer cap2 07

seyer cap2 06

seyer cap2 05

seyer cap2 04

seyer cap2 03

seyer cap2 02

seyer cap2 01

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