staccato 300

Matthias Strieker`s Staccato

Matthias Strieker was an F3A B squad pilot in Germany at the end of the eighties. Inspired by Wolfgang Matt’s Granat, he developed his own design.

The ‘Staccato’

The ‘Staccato’ was rather larger than the ‘Granat’.

Wingspan 1.85 metres

Length 1.74 metres

It was fitted with an OS Hanno 61 and a Hatori tube. Naturally, Giezendanner retracts was integrated and an Asano 12.5 x 11.75″ propeller was used.

In the early nineties, Matthias focussed primarily on F3AX, shortly after which he developed his man-carrying aerobatic aircraft, the Silence Twister.

Images: Matthias Strieker

staccato 01
Matthias Strieker mit seiner Eigenkonstruktion

staccato 02

staccato 03

staccato 04

staccato 05

staccato 06

staccato 07

This aircraft is more or less the successor to the Staccato: Silence Twister

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