suprastar nello300

Nello Nero`s Suprastar

Our Swiss colleague Nello Nero is a passionate collector of beautiful F3A aeroplanes. Here is his ‘Suprastar’.

Nello is also a part-time author at FMT, he is also the organiser of Jets over Dübendorf and the Dübendorf F3A meetings.

The ‘Suprastar’ is a Hanno Prettner design.

With the ‘Suprastar’, Hanno became World Aerobatic Champion at the F3A World Aerobatic Championships in Avignon in 1987. Wingspan 1.72 metres, length 1.55 metres Nello’s ‘Suprastar’ is powered by an OS Max Hanno Spezial. Hanno Prettner assisted Nello with the decals. #suprastar #hannoprettner #nellonero #hannospecial #osmax #avignon87 #f3a #fai

Pictures say more than 1000 words.

suprastar nello01

suprastar nello02

suprastar nello03

suprastar nello04

suprastar nello05

suprastar nello07

suprastar nello08

suprastar nello09

suprastar nello10


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