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Tournament of Champions 1988 Las Vegas

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Between 1974 and 2002 the legendary Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Las Vegas took place 18 times. The founder and sponsor of this famous competition, Mr. William G. Bennett, invited the 20 or 21 worldbest pilots each time.

The development of aerobatics was supported, and clever formulated rules gave very interesting and new impulses. The TOC became – apart from the FAI World Championships – one of the most meaningful aerobatic competition worldwide.

 1988 takes 20 pilots part, there where 10 where from The USA, in 1988, pilots from Austria (the 10 times winner) and Irish, Canadian, German(3), Japan (2), Great Britain, Australia …

You like original Circus Circus decals?

We offer now a reprint of the original Circus Circus decals of this time.
In remembrance of this important TOC`s we produce this remake decals.
Width of the wide lettering 12,7″ (322mm)
Sheet Size 13,4 x 9,5″ (340 x 240mm)

Here you get the remake of this beautiful decals:

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