Gerald`s Prettner Constructions

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Gerald Zikulnig is the organizer of the Annual Classic Pattern competition hosted by the Austrian Jauntal Model Flying Club. This is held close to Hanno Prettner’s hometown of Klagenfurt, about 30km ESE of Klagenfurt in Eastern Austria. As you can see Gerald specializes in scratch building Prettner’s wonderful designs and here are some of his beautiful aircraft. Enjoy…

Gerald Zikulnig

Super Sicroly 2

WC 1973 Gorizia Place 3
  • Spannweite: 1.600 mm
  • Länge: 1.385 mm
  • Gewicht: 3.500 g
  • Antrieb: 10 ccm

zikulnig sicroly 05s

zikulnig sicroly 04s

zikulnig sicroly 03s

zikulnig sicroly 02s

zikulnig sicroly 01s



WC Springfield 1977

  • Spannweite: 1.630 mm
  • Länge: 1.425 mm
  • Gewicht: 3.300-3.600 g
  • Profil: symm.
  • Antrieb: 10 ccm

zikulnig curare 03s

zikulnig curare 02s

zikulnig curare 01s



WC 1979 Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Spannweite: 1.650 mm
  • Länge: 1.425 mm
  • Gewicht 4.100 g
  • Profil: symm.
  • Antrieb: 10 ccm

zikulnig magic 08s

zikulnig magic 07s

zikulnig magic 06s

zikulnig magic 05s

zikulnig magic 04s

zikulnig magic 03s

zikulnig magic 02s

zikulnig magic 01s



WC 1983 Pensacola, USA
  • Spannweite: 1.630 mm
  • Länge: 1.435 mm
  • Gewicht 3.500 g
  • Profil: symm.
  • Antrieb: 10 ccm


zikulnig calypso 01s

zikulnig calypso 02s

zikulnig calypso 03s

zikulnig calypso 04s

zikulnig calypso 05s

zikulnig calypso 06s



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