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Manitu, the Classicpattern aircraft from the 70s

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Manitu – Classicpattern Plane

In the 1970s, the Bavarian model pilot Harald Neckar was Germany’s best aerobatic pilot. He won several German championships, and at the 1973 World Championships in Gorizia he achieved an outstanding 4th place.

The ARF aerobatic kit for the collector!

His opponents placed before him were the legendary Japanese Yoshioka with Blue Angel in 1st place, the Liechtenstein pilot Wolfgang Matt with Super Star in 2nd place and Hanno Prettner with Super Sicroly in 3rd place. Harald used his famous Mephisto.

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For the 1977 World Championships in Springfield, USA, he constructed the successor model to the Mephisto together with the excellent model builder Erich Gilik from Rosenheim: the Manitu. Erich was a master car painter and was widely known for his top paintwork. These were in no way inferior to those of the Japanese.

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Maiden flight on 23 July 2022, piloted by Jean Claude Spillmann

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Manitu s
Haralt Neckar at the F3A World Aerobatic Championships 1977 in Springfied / USA


For the 45th anniversary of the WM 77, we are now exclusively offering the Manitu as a retro model, built in the original form from back then. This model is a must for every F3A classic lover.

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The flight characteristics are excellent – thanks to the lightweight construction possible today, the model, equipped with our standard Leomotion electric drive, weighs 3.8 kilos completely ready to fly.

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Our Manitu is an ARF (almost ready to fly) model aircraft and is built using the latest technology. The materials used are mainly composite materials, balsa and plywood. The fuselage is a high-quality, European-made GRP prefabricated fuselage. It is manufactured in the original form from 1977.

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The fiberglass parts come painted. Fittings for servos and motor mounts are already installed. The tailplane is simply attached to the rear part of the fuselage from the outside using 2 push-fit tubes. The wings are screwed together in the middle of the wing using our new wing connectors.

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The wings and tailplane are covered with Oracover film, which guarantees long-term protection and good looks. The model aircraft is delivered with all accessories, but without electronics and drive. These parts must be purchased separately.

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Our Classic Pattern Design CP2 retractable landing gear is included in the kit.

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Nowadays, the flight characteristics are better than those of the original aircraft of the 70s, due to the use of more modern materials and construction methods and thus considerably lighter flying weight.

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Manitu is also available in following red/white version:

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There are 4 different versions on offer:

Springfield Edition:

Version 1: WM77 version orange / white for side exhaust motors
Version 2: WM77 version orange / white for electric motors

Standard version:

Version 3: Red / white version for rear exhaust motors
Version 4: Red / white version for electric drive

Wingspan: 160cm
Fuselage length: 149cm
Flying weight: approx. 3,8 kg

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Overview of the ARF kit:
GRP fuselage with internals (motor mount, servo board, landing gear mount), painted.
Wings and tailplane very light wood construction, covered with Oracover
Additional Oracover enclosed (for repairs)
Removable upper part for maintenance access Fuselage
Aileron for 2 servos
Elevator for 1 servo
For combustion version tank 380cc
Prepared for our electric retractable landing gear
Complete set of accessories, international ARF standard like linkages, wheels, screws etc.
Decal set from JR-Foliendesign
Detailed building instructions
CP Design A-2 retractable landing gear set
Manitu wing bag set

Recommended accessories:
Internal combustion engine: 10cc internal combustion engine OS Max 65 AX or similar
Electric drive: Leomotion #4120
2 pcs. wing standard servos
1 pc. standard servo rudder
2 pcs. Microservos Elevator
1 pc. Brushless ESC 80-100A speed controller

The kit is created using the original mould!


Oracover / Ultracote colours used Springfield Edition:

#060 HANU 677 Orange
#010 / HANU 870 White

Oracover / Ultracote colours in the standard version:

#023 / #HANU 866  Ferrari Red
#010 / #HANU 870 White ‘

10 to 15 hours until completion

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