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Manitu – the new Sky Aviations ARF kit

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manitu header2

Manitu – the Eye Catcher

In the 1970s, the Bavarian Harald Neckar was Germany’s best F3A pattern pilot. He was multiple German national champion, and on the 1973 world championships in Gorizia, Italy, he won an excellent fourth place.

Our new ARF Aerobatic kit!

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After all, on places 1 to 3 were the celebrated Japanese Yoshioka with his Blue Angel, Wolfgang Matt from Liechtenstein with his Super Star, and Hanno Prettner from Austria with his Super Sicroly. Harald flew his famous Mephisto.

manitu 04s

For the 1977 Worlds in Springfield, Ohio, he designed the Mephisto successor, the Manitu. He cooperated with another excellent modeler, Erich Gilik from Rosenheim in Bavaria. Erich was a professional automotive body painter and widely known for his top paintings. These were in no way inferior to those of the Japanese.

Manitu s

At the 40th anniversary of the 1977 Worlds, we exclusively present the Manitu as a retro model, built in the original molds from back then. This model is a must-have for any RC1 (F3A) classic enthusiast.

molds sIts flight characteristics are excellent – the model’s all up weight is only 7 lbs (3.2 kg) due to modern lightweight construction and with our standard Leomotion electric drive.



Our Manitu is an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly), built employing modern technologies and using composites, balsa, and plywood. The high-quality fiberglass fuselage is ready-made in Europe, using the original 1977 molds and painted in these molds. Servo trays and motor mounting points are ready to use. The stabilizer is simply plugged to the fuselage with two tubes.

firstfuselage 1


Wing and tail are covered with Oracover (Ultracote), known for longevity and good looks. Hardware is included in the ARF, but electronics, retracts, and drive are not and are offered separately.

manitu overviewjpg

Our Classic Pattern Design retracts are intended to be used.

Today, the model’s flight characteristics are better than those of the 1977 original, due to modern construction materials and techniques giving a substantially lower all up weight.
manitu 3views

Our offer are 2 different versions::

manitu 2versions

Version 1:Yellow / Blue for rear exhaust glow engines or EP Power
Version 2: WC77 Edition Orange / White for side exhaust glow engines or EP power

Wingspan: 160cm / 63″
Length: 135cm / 53″

manitu fmt


Scope of supply:

fiberglass fuselage including finished engine mount, servo plank landing gear (engine mount, servo tray, retract mount), painted in the mold
Strong Light Weight Construction
Covered in Ultracote™
Extra Ultracote™ Covering Provided for Small Repair
Removable Canopy Hatch for Radio Install and Maintenance
Two Servo Aileron
One Servo Elevator
Prepared for retractable landing gear
Complete International Standard Hardware Package Included
Printed and cutted Vinyl Graphics (from German JR-Foliendesign)
Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual


Optional Accessories:
CP Design A-2 electric retracts
Manitu SD-Line wing bag set (in preparation)
Airplane stand
APC Propeller 11×8

Version 1:
Recommended Glow-Engine: OPS 60 Super SPA
OPS silencer pipe
Recommended Electric Power Unit: Leomotion Outrunner #4120

Version 2:
Recommended Glow-Engine: OPS 60 SE
OPS header
OPS silencer pipe
Recommended Electric Power Unit: Leomotion Outrunner #4120


manitu decals

Ultracote™ Color Codes Version 1:

#872 cadmium yellow
#873 deep blue

Ultracote™ Color Codes Version 2:

#877 Orange
#870 Weiss
8 bis 10 Hours Assembly Time


Manitu 7s



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