ARF Banshee

Banshee WM73 Gorizia Edition – BANSHEE is a construction of the American top pilot Jim Martin. He took part in the 1973 World Model Aerobatics Championship in Gorizia with this model.

ARF – Banshee – High Speed Pattern Plane

Gorizia / Italy October 1973: The US team competes in the F3A World Championship in Gorizia. With them is the US American top aerobatic pilot Jim Martin. Equipped with a Hirtenberger HP61 and a Proline competition remote control, he takes off.

The aerobatic world is amazed. The Banshee flies much faster than standard pattern planes.

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More Information

Leomotion CEO Urs Leodolter flys Banshee


“High Speed Pattern” is born.

We have permission from the former designer Jim Martin to reproduce this beautiful construction as an ARF.

The model aircraft is built in series, the basic construction is adapted to the series production. The aerobatic model is built in wood. The fuselage is very narrow, perfect for the installation of an outrunner electric drive.

The aircraft is covered with original Oracover.

Of course, this aircraft can also be equipped with a glow ignition engine, but this is left to the customer and his craftsmanship.

The construction is extremely light, a flying weight of approx. 3 kg is possible.

For better transport, the wings are divided into two parts.


Famous Swiss pilot Jean Claude Spillmann flys Banshee

The ARF kit is largely complete, only the drive and RC components must be additionally provided by the builder. High-quality hardware parts are used.

The model is a flying challenge, it flies very wide and fast. Flying this model is tremendous fun. “High speed pattern” is the order of the day.

For the electric drive we recommend our proven Leomotion 4120 with 710kv. With this drive the aircraft becomes a “power without any limit rocket”.


            • easy to complete ARF kit
            • sturdy aircraft construction
            • covered with Oracover (Ultracote)
            • clear canopy
            • moulded engine cowling
            • Removable top section for maintenance access Fuselage
            • Aileron provided for 2 servos
            • levator provided for 1 servo
            • Prepared for electric retracts (included retracts
            • Complete set of accessories, such as linkages, wheels, screws etc.
            • Detailed manual


          Wingspan: 158cm / 62″
          Length: 130cm / 51″
          Electric Retracts CP-Design A-2 (included)
          Flying weight: 3,0 kg / 6 lbs

          Recommended accessories:
          Electric drive: Leomotion / Dualsky Outrunner 4120 (#5050) 710 KV
          Battery: Lipo 5S 4200 mHa
          Servos: 4 Standard Servos
          ESC: 80A
          Propeller: Glow propeller 11×8

          Oracover™ / Ultracote Farbcodes:
          #020/871 Red
          #91/881 Silver
          #052/885 Dark Blue


      More information about this construction:

      » more images of the Banshee
      » Images maiden flight
      » Jim Martin`s build report of the original Banshee`s




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