proline 300


The company Pro-Line Electronics, Inc. Box 7733, Phoenix, Arizona 85011, became the first serious competition for Kraft systems on the American market in 1969 with the introduction of the Pro-Line Competition Six designed by Jim Fosgate.

The Pro-Line shone with the open sticks designed by Ron Chidgey, which gave a very direct and precise control feel. In addition, the systems were excellently manufactured and very reliable, so that important competitions were soon won with them. For the servos, Pro-Line used the very good Kraft mechanics.

A detailed description of the history of Pro-Line systems can be found at: ”


Pro-Line Competition Six , SN 11 74 013


Pro-Line Competition Six 6- and 4-channel transmitter


Pro-Line Competition 5, around 1974


Pro-Line Custom Competition 7-channel around 1977

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