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Project Classic Pattern Plane Banshee

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BANSHEE WC73 Gorizia Edition – BANSHEE is an aerobatic airplane construction designed by American Top-R/C pilot Jim Martin. Jim used this design at the Aerobatic Model World Championships 1973 held at Gorizia in Italy.

ARF – Banshee – High Speed Pattern Plane

The elegant aeroplane is now in preparation for serial production and we expect the finished ARF to enter full production in spring 2021.

We have flown this model and it is an excellent flier.

You are a prospective buyer? Please tell us:


banshee1200 03s

The Banshee is built in wood according to the original building documents. The electric version is completely covered with original Oracover (Ultracote), the Nitro version is the wooden fuselage covered with a 15gram fiberglass mat and painted nitro-proof. Wings and tail wings are covered with Oracover. This cover is well known for its longevity and good looks.

banshee1200 11s

High quality flight hardware is included in the ARF, but electronics, retracts, and drive are not but are offered as optional extras.

Our Classic Pattern Design retracts are intended and optimised for use in the model.

banshee1200 05s

The plane is a flying challenge, it has a wide-ranging flying speed and very fast at full throttle. The flying of this plane is a lot of fun! Ballistic Pattern from the ballistic pattern era.

More information`s on:

Available from March / April 2018.

Jim Martin’s Banshee is a high speed pattern plane. The production run of this very special classic model will be limited so please reserve your Banshee today!

To preregister, contact:

  • ARF – Ready to fly in approximately 10-12 hours
  • Strong and light CNC Design, laser cut parts
  • In mold painted fuselage
  • Transparent canopy
  • Covered with Oracover™
  • Removable Canopy Hatch
  • Aileron 2 servos
  • Elevator 2 servos
  • Designed and prepared for retractable landing gear
  • Complete hardware package included
  • Printed and pre-cut vinyl graphics (made by JR-Foliendesign)
  • Manual

Wingspan: 158cm / 62″
Length: 130cm / 51″
Flying weight: 3,0 kg / 6 lbs
Recommended Electric Engine: Leomotion Outrunner 4120 710 KV
Recommended Glow-Engine: 10cc OPS 60 SE
Battery: Lipo 5S (or 6S)
Retractable Gear: CP Design A-2 Retract

Recommended accessories:
Landing Gear Set CP-Design A-2
Leomotion Outrunner 4120 710 KV (or Leomotion 4120 610 KV)
OPS Silencer
SD-Line Wingbags

Oracover™ COLOUR CODES / Ultracote CODES:
#020/871 Red
#91/881 Silver
#052/885 Dark Blue

More details about this beautiful plane:

» Image Galery of our new Banshee
» Maidenflight of our Prototype
» Build thread of original Banshee


banshee1200 17s


Digitale Beschriftung von JR-Foliendesign

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