Kurt Bauerheim – The German R/C aerobatics legend

Kurt Bauerheim, known worldwide in the R/C aerobatics scene for his third place at the FAI R/C Aerobatic World Championships in Corsica in 1967 and his competition model Kompromiss:

Here is a short report from his son Wolfgang Bauerheim:

I was not only able to observe my father’s career and development “on the side”, but for many years I also stood next to my father as “co-pilot” and “announcer” of the programme – i.e. the individual flight figures to be demonstrated in sequence at competitions – to the judges and was present “up close” at many competitions.

Kurt Bauerheim

My father (born in 1928) started flying the Graupner Mustang tethered model “out of nowhere” in 1959/1960 (I was born in 1949, so I was 10 years old). He did this in many, many training sessions.

from left to right: Ernst Böhm, Mrs Bauerheim, Kurt Bauerheim

In this respect, I had the honour of experiencing not only my father, but also many of his competitors at the time (from Fritz Bosch, Walter Schmitz (who was a bit of a student of my father – the two got on well) Käseberg, Gast, Blauhorn, Metternhausen, Galinsky, Neckar, but also Giezendanner to ….etc.) in competition time and again and being able to judge their flying performance, strengths and weaknesses.

This is how it started after the tethered flight RC III

Interestingly, thanks to my sports studies, I can now appreciate very well why my father was able to fly certain figures with particularly good coordination and clearly better than the competition.

Incidentally, I have never seen anyone (apart from my father) who managed to fly his model inverted over the concrete runway in the style of a limbo dancer so low at the end that you could hear the tail unit grazing the concrete…his knife-edge flight – the V-shape of the wing at the time – was also impressive).



You may also be interested to know that RC1 model flying was already being practised “professionally” in 1965/66.

Fritz Bosch, for example, was an employee of Simprop Harsewinkel (Claas agricultural machinery) and, as a figurehead, had plenty of time for training…not just in the evenings and at weekends.

A “competition set” of machines for the season also consisted of 5-6 aeroplanes (with different weights and aileron configurations etc.).

Here is the drawing of his modified Taurus

In Corsica, for example, the big problem was that my father only had wings with flaps with him and you went to the start (which you would never do today) without knowing the local conditions, i.e. without having been there beforehand.

His Taurus during the 1965 World Championship in Sweden.


In fact, due to the wind conditions there, the use of flaps caused a major problem because the flight behaviour/control behaviour was very aggressive.

Kurt Bauerheim in the centre and his Taurus always interesting


In other words, it was very difficult to fly the aircraft cleanly under the wind conditions there – the location of the aerodrome – wind from the sea. At the very least, it would have been important to know what to expect.

From left to right: Steinhauser, Dieter Braun, Kurt Bauerheim and judge Rudi Gödel from Herborn

You may think that of course a son sees his father as the “greatest expert”, but I assure you that I have seen and studied many, many over the years and can certainly allow myself an objective judgement.

Kurt Bauerheim with Dieter Braun, who himself always flew in a suit and tie.


Kurt Bauerheim was a really, really great figure, someone who could really do something in this business. To let his potential lie fallow at the age of 40, after having come so far in just a few years, is still a mystery to me and others.

Kurt Bauerheim with Taurus, Wilfried Klinger with Tiger

But my father was really of the opinion that at the age of 40 you were too old for this sport (in model flying)……that’s no joke, he really saw it that way.

Manfred von Brauchitsch once said of Rudolf Caracciola, the former Mercedes superstar: “He was a sober, no-nonsense, cold, ice-cold driver.

Kurt Bauerheim flies and the spectators watch with interest


Incidentally, my father was anything but a show-off. That’s exactly what my father – who was very similar to Caracciola in his manner – was. He was sober, matter-of-fact, with a lot of sense but also very self-critical, certainly never satisfied with himself.

Always endeavouring to make things even better.


Zurich, in the year 2024 Wolfgang Bauerheim


The elite of the past who often met and chatted with Fritz Bosch, my father and Walter Schmitz.


Technical details:

Wingspan: 1.78 metres
Length: 1.34 metres
Weight: approx. 3.8 kg
Engine: 10ccm
R/C system: 4-6 channel

Fritz Bosch, Kurt Bauerheim and Walter Schmitz together would have been world team champions had it not been for Fritz Bosch’s technical problems. As it was, they only finished runners-up in the world championship.


Original colour photo of the compromise, taken during the 1967 World Cup



Kompromiss 12s
Here are some of his trophies, which now stand in a place of honour in his son’s home.


Kompromiss 10s
The FAI plaque 3rd place World Championship 1967


Kompromiss 11s
Here is his medals collection


Brief construction plan from the magazine of the time


Kompromiss 09s
The German aerobatic team in front of the team hotel in Corsica from left to right: Fritz Bosch, Walter Schmitz, Kurt Bauerheim, Tam Manager


bauerheim werbung2
Congratulations from Multiplex


A certificate for the merits of the German Aeroclub was presented by the officials. For me, as a Classicpattern editor, a very special photo: I was RC Motorised Flight Officer of the Baden Württemberg Air Sports Association in the eighties. In the centre of the photo is my old boss and friend Walter Fischer, head of model flying in BW. There are very few photos of him.


bauerheim 23
Here is the Kompromiss for FAI acceptance


Kurt Bauerheim and his assistant Ernst Böhm


Typical picture in his workshop


In den Wettkampfpausen mußte man sich auch stärken


bauerheim werbung
Kurt’s own advertising

Thomas Ott`s Kompromiss, seen at the Retrodays in Pfäffikon / Switzerland

Kompromiss 26s

Kompromiss 25s

Kompromiss 24s

Kompromiss 23s

Kompromiss 21s

Kompromiss 20s

Kompromiss 19s

Kompromiss 18s

Kompromiss 07s

Kompromiss 06s

Kompromiss 05s

Kompromiss 04s

Kompromiss 03s

Kompromiss 02s

Kompromiss 01s

Kompromiss 17s


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