Various F3A model aircraft from 1960

Here is our new section, we have a lot of model aircraft photos where only a few pictures exist. Here we go:

Peter Stuyvesant Aerobatic relay

Here are the Curares of the Stuyvesant squadron in the early 80s. Team members Franz Stenzel, Helmut Krämer and Helmut Wolf. The aeroplanes were powered by Super Tigre ST.60, with Simprop SAM remote controls. The photo was taken in 1982 during the T.O.C. competition in Las Vegas by our friend Erich Gilik. Erich accompanied Günter Hoppe and also Werner Schweiker at this meeting.


Erich Gilik`s Cranfield

This photo is now about 42 years old. Erich Gilik, our first picture supplier of Classicpattern. Here is a photo at his home airfield in Rosenheim / Bavaria with his Cranfield. Sadly passed away all too soon. God rest his soul.

Erich was a very busy man back then. Master car painter, designer and mould maker of Harald Neckar`s Manitu, designer and mould maker of Wolfgang Kosche`s Kogi, painter of various model aircraft of Günter Hoppe and Werner Schweiker, and helper of the two at the T.O.C.`s.

gilik cranfield

Brand new Sultan V

Here is the brand new Sultan 5 from our Roman friend Luca Falivena. The model was built from a PAF (Peter Adolfs) kit. It is powered by a modern OS Max 55.AX. Perfect finish. The wings and the tail unit are covered with Oracover. We wish Luca many flying hours with his new toy. Thanks for the photos.

luca sultan5 05

luca sultan5 01

luca sultan5 02

luca sultan5 03

luca sultan5 04


First RC1 aerobatic meeting in Bueckeburg / Germany

Images taken by Guenter Hoppe

hoppe bueckeburg67 01

hoppe bueckeburg67 02

hoppe bueckeburg67 03

Richard Schwab with  his ‘Orion’ 1976

My flying buddy today, Richard Schwab, with his ‘Orion‘. This aerobatic model was offered by a small manufacturer in the mid-seventies. This was Richard’s first low-wing aerobatic model. It had a wingspan of approx. 1.38 metres and was powered by an OS Max 40RC. The aircraft was distributed by Webra at the time.

Today he flies a ‘Bertolani Komet‘.

Richard 1976 in Kitzingen / Germany


Richard Septembre 2023 in Reutlingen / Germany

webra orion

Stefan Fink`s ‘Unlimited’

Here are photos of Stefan Fink`s ‘Unlimited’. First use 1993 with gearbox because of 10ccm two-stroke displacement limitation. Wingspan just over 2m. From 1996 (when the displacement limit was abolished) the geared motor was replaced by a Webra 120. In 1997, the Webra 145 made its debut in this plane when it won the South African Nationals.

unlimited fink 01

unlimited fink 02
Today, the Unlimited hangs from the ceiling of the Deutsches Museum

unlimited fink 03

unlimited fink 04

F3A World Championship 1983 Pensacola

belgium team83
The Belgian national team during the 1983 World Aerobatic Championships in Pensacola, USA. From left to right: Alexandre Degotte with his ‘Granat’, Jean-Pierre Zardini with ‘Sultan’ and Gèrard Werion with his Mixer-S (design Yvon Werion) and in the centre the team manager Werion


Günter Ulsamers Revolution construction, photos taken in the B squad season 89/90 in Wolfsburg. Photographer Matthias Strieker

rainer01 1
Rainer with his eternal starting assistant Günter Ulsamer and Revolution 2


rainer02 1
from left to right: Rainer Seubert, Peter Uhlig, Günter Ulsamer, Helmut Decker with Revolution


rainer03 1
from left to right: Rainer Seubert, Peter Uhlig, Günter Ulsamer, Helmut Decker with Revolution

Fiat500 01 1

Fiat500 02

Fiat500 03
This is a self-built aerobatic model from 1980 / 1982. The aeroplane was designed and built by the Italian model pilot Franco Dal Bello. Franco named it „Fulginium“ after the Roman name of his home town of Foligno, a little later he changed to ‚Okay’. Together with his flying buddies Sergio Bergantini and Mario Belloni, the proud builder was an integral part of the field of participants in the Italian championship at the time. All of Franco’s models that he ever built were painted completely red underneath.  Images Cristiano Giostozzi


International F3A Friendship Flying in Liechtenstein 1985, group photo. Almost all the European celebrities of the time can be seen. Image: Karl Bauer


condor bauerheim
The predecessor of the Kompromiss: Kurt Bauerheim`s Cond0r from 1966, powered by a Super Tiger ST.60, remote control Multiplex 101.

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