Gunter Hoppe`s historic planes

Günter Hoppe, a former world-class pilot and multiple German champion, has designed and built quite a few things during his flying career. Now in his old age, we worked together on his photo collection. We will be showing all the projects he has created over the years here in this block.

Günter Hoppes Orion 1963:  

hoppe orion63 01
This is my Orion, built with a polyester fuselage from Manfred Topp, as well as wings and tail surfaces made of balsa in rib construction according to the original plan. The remote control was an OMU 10-channel with tongue relay receiver and Bonner Transmite servos, the engine a 7.5 cc Kiowa.


hoppe orion63 02 1
Image 2: The 2nd picture shows the Orion in action at the 1963 Lower Saxony Champion-ships in Achmer near Osnabrück. This was my first competition ever and thanks to Orion I was unexpectedly Lower Saxony champion at the end of the competition.


The first photo dates from 1960

Günter built and flew the model in 1960/61. The photo was taken at the Rinteln gliding airfield. The model aircraft is a Stormer (Doug Spreng) except for the fuselage tip, the two engines are Enya 0.15 and the remote control was an OMU 8-channel.


nimbus2 1964
This photo is from 1964, taken in Vennebeck. It is Tom Brett’s Nimbus-2, still in wooden construction and an OMU 10-channel with Duramite servos, and a Merco 0.60 motor.


This photo shows Günter’s Mustang from 1966, recognisable by the dark transmitter (MicroAvionics), which he only flew in 1966. From 1967 he flew the prototype of the 1st Microprop, recognisable by the lighter aluminium housing. The Mustang was the forerunner of the Sultan series.


This photo is from 1966. In the foreground is the Crusader from Dieter Brand (Microsoft founder) – the Crusader is from a kit from Manfred Topp – the third model is Günter’s “Mustang”, which he only built and flew in 1966 after receiving his MicroAvionics remote control, including at the DM 1967 in Fritzlar. Günter then began the Sultan series in 1968.

To be continued…

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