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Kurt Bauerheim – The German R/C plane aerobatics legend

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Kurt Bauerheim, known worldwide in the R/C aerobatics scene for his third place at the FAI R/C Aerobatic World Championships in Corsica in 1967 and his competition model Kompromiss:

Here is a short report from his son Wolfgang Bauerheim:

I was not only able to observe my father’s career and development “on the side”, but for many years I also stood next to my father as “co-pilot” and “announcer” of the programme – i.e. the individual flight figures to be demonstrated in sequence at competitions – to the judges and was present “up close” at many competitions.


In this respect I also had the honor to experience not only my father, but also many of his competitors at that time (From Fritz Bosch, Walter Schmitz (who galt a little bit as a student of my father-the two got along well) Käseberg, Gast, Blauhorn, Metternhausen, Galinsky, Neckar, but also Giezendanner to….etc. again and again in competition and to be able to judge the flying performance, strengths and weaknesses.



bauerheim transmitter
Kurt Bauerheim in action. He used a Multiplex Digitron 101 Radio Control. He was Multiplex factory pilot.

Interestingly enough, through my sports studies I can now very well assess why my father was able to fly certain figures particularly well and clearly better than the competition in terms of coordination.

bauerheim transmitter 2

By the way, I have never seen anyone (except my father) who managed to fly his model inverted over the concrete runway in the style of a limbo dancer, so low that you could hear the tail skimming on the concrete…also his knife-edge flight (the V-shape of the wing at that time) was impressive.



Kompromiss 12s
Here are some of his trophies, they now stand in a place of honor in his son’s apartment..


Kompromiss 10s
Die FAI Plakette 3.Platz Weltmeisterschaft 1967

Vielleicht ist für Sie auch interessant zu wissen, dass der RC1-Modellflugbereich bereits im Jahr 1965/66 durchaus „professionell“ betrieben wurde.


Kompromiss 11s
Here is his medal collection


Short drawing from magazine at that time

Fritz Bosch, for example, was an employee of Simprop Harsewinkel (agricultural machinery Claas) and as a figurehead definitely provided with sufficient time for training…not only in the evening and on weekends…


Kompromiss 09s
The German Aerobatic Team in front of the team hotel on Corsica from left to right: Fritz Bosch, Walter Schmitz, Kurt Bauerheim, team manager

Also, a “competition set” of aircraft for the season may well have consisted of 5-6 aircraft (with different weights and aileron configurations, etc.).


bauerheim 22
Kurt at the start of the Corsica World Cup, his start helper Kurt Böhm.

Corsica was e.g. the big problem that my father had only wings with flaps with him and one (what one would never do today) without knowing the local conditions, i.e. having been there once before, went to the start.


bauerheim transmitter 2
Start rating flight in Corsica

In fact, due to the wind conditions there, the use of flaps had caused a big problem because the flight behavior/control response was very aggressive.


bauerheim 23
Here is the Kompromiss at the FAI acceptance test

That is, it was very difficult to fly the aircraft cleanly under the wind conditions there -location of the airfield-wind from the sea. At least it would have been important to know what to expect.


Kurt Bauerheim at the competition flight world championship 1965 Sweden with his Taurus.

You may think that of course a son sees his father as the “greatest expert”, but I assure you that I have seen and studied many, many over the years and can certainly allow myself an objective judgment.


Bauerheim-Taurus at Start WC 1965 in Sweden

Kurt Bauerheim was really a very, very big deal, someone who could really do something in this business.


Thomas Ott`s Kompromiss, seen at the Retrodays in Pfäffikon / Switzerland

Kompromiss 26s

To let his potential lie fallow at the age of 40, after having made it so far in just a few years, is a mystery not only to me to this day.


Kompromiss 25s

But my father was really of the opinion that at the age of 40 you are also too old for this sport (in model flying)……this is not a joke, he really saw it that way.


Kompromiss 24s

By the way, my father was anything but a show-off.


Kompromiss 23s

the old motor sportsman Manfred von Brauchitsch once said about Rudolf Caracciola the former Mercedes superstar: He was a sober, matter-of-fact, cold, ice-cold rational driver.


Kompromiss 21s

This was exactly what my father -who in his way was very similar to Caracciola- was like. He was sober, objective, with a lot of sense but also very self-critical, certainly never satisfied with himself.

Always striving to make things even better.


Zurich, 2021 Wolfgang Bauerheim


Kompromiss 20s


Wingspan: 1,78 Meter / 70″
Length: 1,34 Meter /  53″
Weightt: about 3,8 kg / 8.4 lbs
Engine: 10cc / 61 RC
Radio: 4-6 Channel


Kompromiss 19s


Kompromiss 18s


Kompromiss 07s

Kompromiss 06s

Kompromiss 05s

Kompromiss 04s

Kompromiss 03s

Kompromiss 02s

Kompromiss 01s

Kompromiss 17s


Kompromiss 13s
Hier ein Scan des Bauplans der Version mit dem Fertigrumpf

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