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All about the pattern contests of yesteryear. By liaison with former protagonists, promoters, and various model aviation magazines, we cover the past world championships from the first, that is from 1960 on. As well covered are interesting regional contests, the TOCs, and F3Ax contests — we show fascinating and as yet unpublished photos.

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Here you find our reviews….


→ FAI R/C Aerobatic World Championships Overview



→ FAI Aerobatic World Championships Zuerich 1960 Review

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→ FAI Aerobatic World Championships Genk 1963 Review



→ FAI Aerobatic World Championships Sweden 1965 Review


→ FAI Aerobatic World Championships Corsica 1967 Review




→ FAI Aerobatic World Championships Lemwerder 1969 Review


 → FAI Aerobatic World Championships Gorizia 1973 Review


→ FAI Aerobatic World Championships Bern 1975 Review



→ F3A Aerobatic World Championships Johannesburg / Southafrica 1979 Review



→ FAI Aerobatic World Championships Pensacola 1983 Review



International  Friendship Flying 1965 Bendern / Liechtenstein


The TOC Memoral Decals!

Decal Circus Circus

, self-adhesive
Width of the wide lettering 12,7″ (322mm)
Sheet Size 13,4 x 9,5″ (340 x 240mm)
Between 1974 and 2002 the legendary Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Las Vegas took place 18 times. The founder and sponsor of this famous competition, Mr. William G. Bennett, invited the 20 or 21 worldbest pilots each time. The development of aerobatics was supported, and clever formulated rules gave very interesting and new impulses.

We offer now a reprint of the original Circus Circus decals of this time.

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