The company Rowan Deutschland/Schwabmünchen was the offshoot of the American company Rowan, which was mainly involved in the construction of electrical control cabinets.
The managing director of the German branch, Mr Gottfried Horzitz, was an enthusiastic model pilot and so he must have made contact with Phil Kraft during one of his trips to America.

In any case, the Kraft systems were manufactured under licence from around 1967. The first systems delivered were the KP-6B with anodised transmitter housing and Bonner sticks.
From 1968 Gold Medals were built and from around 1970 Rowan built the systems under its own management and under the sole name “propcontrol”. The technically identical remote controls were offered by the company WiK, Ing. Wilfried Klinger, 7134 Knittlingen, in a console transmitter housing as WiK “Dirigent” remote control systems. In 1974, WiK also added a hand-held transmitter, the Wik Dirigent 4/74, to its product range, which corresponded to the Rowan “propconrol” except for the colour of the housing.


Kraft “propcontrol” KPT-6B 1967


“GoldMedal”-propcontrol 1968


Rowan propcontrol – wrong “Kraft” lettering


WiK Dirigent 4/74


Rowan propcontrol PPC 4 ca.1970


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