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Internationaler RC1 Igo Etrich Cup 1967

Our cameraman was there. International RC1 Igo Etrich Cup in Kraiwiesen, near Salzburg, in Austria. We received some great photos from Günter, take a look for yourself:

The year was 1967 and the Austrian RC1 Igo Etrich Cup was being held for the 4th time in Salzburgerland. Most of the prominent Central European RC1 pilots of the time were at the start.

Our friend of many years, Günter Hoppe, was also there and flew to an excellent 3rd place. The winner was – how could it be otherwise back then – our Swabian pilot Kurt Bauerheim with his Kompromiss.

kraiwiesen 67 01


kraiwiesen 67 02

kraiwiesen 67 03

kraiwiesen 67 04

kraiwiesen 67 05

kraiwiesen 67 06

kraiwiesen 67 07

kraiwiesen 67 08

kraiwiesen 67 09

kraiwiesen 67 10

Fotos: Günter Hoppe



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