The company Fernsteuerungs-Spezialversand Rudolf Reuter, 6342 Haiger (Dillkreis), designed kits for remote control transmitters and receivers around 1963. The transmitter kit contained all the parts for a 2-channel transmitter. Extension kits could be supplied for expansion up to 10 channels. The first model of the Reuter “Rehaton 10” transmitter was a hand-held transmitter with 5 2-channel joysticks built in.

The Reuter remote control receiver had a modular design like the Graupner/Grundig Varioton receiver. It consisted of a superhet and 5 plug-in two-channel switching stages.
As many modellers found it difficult to build their own remote control systems despite the very detailed instructions, Reuter also offered ready-made devices. The pictures show the Rehaton 10/S transmitter FS-153, the Superhet receiver (red tape) and the switching stages 1-2 to 9-10.

From 1966, Reuter also offered a proportional self-assembly system under the name “Digilog”.

Reuter Rehaton 10 – extended to 4 channels


Reuter Rehaton 10 Kanal transmitter


Reuter 10-channel RC Set


Control elements Rehaton 10


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