The company Multiplex was founded by Siegfried Kussmaul. The original company name was Siegfried Kussmaul Ing., Elektronische Steuerungen, Luisenstr. 58, 7532 Niefern.
Kussmaul supplied accessories for e.g. the Graupner/Grundig Variophon system and in 1966 came onto the market with a proportional system of its own design, the Multiplex 101. Kurt Bauerheim flew a Multiplex 101 to 3rd place at the 5th RC-1 World Championship in Ajaccio/Corsica in 1967.

Multiplex systems were and are widely used, particularly in southern Germany, and are very popular with glider pilots. Multiplex is the last manufacturer still producing radio control systems in Germany.

Multiplex was one of the few manufacturers to also produce a radio control system in the 434 MHz band for a short time (approx. 1978 – 1980).
Multiplex was sold to the Korean manufacturer HiTec a few years ago.


Multiplex 101 from 1966


Multiplex 434 Professional FM7

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