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Visit at Xoar Factory

Just weeks ago a friend of us visit Xoar factory in Henan. It`s very impressive, a very big hitech  factory. Grupp-Modellbau / Germany is now the main Europe Dealer. His warehouse is amazing! Here are …

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Find out more about the F3A World Championships. F3A is the name of a model airplane competition class. » read more

Clubs and Associations

All the news about associations, clubs and other interest groups that organize retro aerobatic meetings and competitions. » read more

Engine tests

Yes, today the vast majority of us fly the pattern planes powered electrically. This is not only practical, but many of the old structures unfold electrically modernized their real potential. » read more

Retro Classics

Infos about the famous airplanes of that time, which were built and flown a lot, or wich have been particularly successful. Reviews of earlier pictures and lots of information. » read more

Sky Aviations

Sky Aviations News / From the board. Its about new products and activities. » read more

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1. Aerobatic World Championships 1960 Switzerland


NEW Updated with fullcolor amazing images! We have revised and updated the review of the first aerobatic world championship of 1960 / Duebendorf Switzerland. Our photos were “colored”. Take a look yourself, some of them are very nice photos of this World Cup. Our grandfathers already had great planes …

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1.CMAF Classic Aerobatic competition in Japan


From October 13 to 14, 2018, the 1st CMAF Classicpattern Aerobatic Competition took place in Ogaki-Shi, Gifu Prefecture (near the city of Nagoya). Organizer was the Seino R / C model flying club together with the Chubu Modeler Air Federation.

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8. F3A Retroday in Pfäffikon 7. Juli 2018


On Saturday July 7 we participate in the 8th edition of old aerobatic models from the period to 1980, This meeting is base of the 2010 Retro day in Dubendorf the meeting was held in Pfaffikon model airfield near Zürich a friendly meeting to exchange and fly Classic Pattern. This year was more then 30 planes there.

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The Seyer CAP 231


In the mid-seventies, during his childhood days, Thorsten Seyer learned how to fly model aircraft under the guidance of his big brother Bernd. The desire to learn to fly  was triggered following an air show demonstration by the then world-famous aerobatic pilot Wolfgang Dallach.

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ARF Aerobatic Arrow


The R/C Aerobatic WC 1979 und 1981winner plane
Available as either glow powered or EP

We are proud of the Arrow and offer to you after our Marabu as second way to fly your own world champion winner plane. IF you are interested and will like to purchase this fantastic flying R/C planes pre order sare welcome.

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F3AX Neckartalcup 1981


Review: On 4-5 July 1981, the first large-scale aerobatic competition of the new class F3A-X took place in Tübingen. Bernd Enenkl, president of the Bavarian R/C Club Erding, supported the competition organization team with help and advice.

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Gerald`s Prettner Constructions


Gerald Zikulnig is the organizer of the Annual Classic Pattern competition hosted by the Austrian Jauntal Model Flying Club. This is held close to Hanno Prettner’s hometown of Klagenfurt, about 30km ESE of Klagenfurt in Eastern Austria. As you can see Gerald specializes in scratch building Prettner’s wonderful designs and here are some of his beautiful aircraft. Enjoy…

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F3A Aerobatic plane Papillion

This F3A model Papillon was developed in 1981 by the German F.Grützmacher and manufactured in small series. It could be operated with side exhaust engine as well as with rear outlet and integrated resonance tube. This report was published in RC Models magazine January 1982.
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Tournament of Champions 1994



The world best aerobatic pilots compete for the largest purse. THE CROWD stood motionless, eyes staring, Jaws dropped low In disbelief. The eerie silence was broken only by the incessant buzz of propeller blades slicing air.

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Limited Special Offer

we are running a limited offer for a couple of models that may be of interest to Classic Pattern enthusiasts. The MARABU – 1969 version – is on offer at 390 Euros and the Komet is also available at 250 Euros

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Fly Classic Pattern Planes on your desktop computer



Fly your own Kwik-Fli! This is the Graupner KWIK FLY MK3 in the REFLEX XTR² model flight simulator, flown at Hanno Prettner`s club airfield (MFG Klagenfurt / St. Johann im Rosental) in Austria.
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Manitu – the new Sky Aviations ARF kit


Manitu – the Eye Catcher

In the 1970s, the Bavarian Harald Neckar was Germany’s best F3A pattern pilot. He was multiple German national champion, and on the 1973 world championships in Gorizia, Italy, he won an excellent fourth place.

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Project Classic Pattern Plane Banshee


BANSHEE WC73 Gorizia Edition – BANSHEE is an aerobatic airplane construction designed by American Top-R/C pilot Jim Martin. Jim used this design at the Aerobatic Model World Championships 1973 held at Gorizia in Italy. Read the full story »

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Tournament of Champions 1988


The premier money event in all of aeromodelling is back with a style and flair that marks the way things are done in Las Vegas. Thousands of spectators got a chance to see the world`s best at flying Radio Control Aerobatics go head for the $118,000 in prize money. Read the full story »

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The multiple former Bavarian and German R/C aerobatic champion of 70`s Harald Neckar competed for the first time at the 1973 Aerobatic World championships in Gorizia Italy.  At his first attempt he  achieved 4th place and left almost all of the world’s top pilots in his wake.

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Past Aerobatic Competitions


All about the pattern contests of yesteryear. By liaison with former protagonists, promoters, and various model aviation magazines, we cover the past world championships from the first, that is from 1960 on. As well covered are interesting regional contests, the TOCs, and F3Ax contests — we show fascinating and as yet unpublished photos. Read the full story »

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7. F3A Retroday in Pfäffikon 8. Juli 2017

On Saturday July 8 we participate in the 7th edition of old aerobatic models from the period to 1980, This meeting is base of the 2010 Retro day in Dubendorf the meeting was held in Pfaffikon model airfield near Zürich a friendly meeting to exchange and fly Classic Pattern. This year was more then 40 planes there.

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A Legend is reborn



Dalotel DM-165 – built according to original documents of Hanno Prettner from the 80`s – Update

Inspired of the building and flying of our Classicpattern kit Komet our Austrian friend Alfred Trettenbein starting building Hanno Prettner`s old TOC 112″ construction Dalotel DM-165. Almost 40 years ago he build together with Hanno his own Dalotel later was sold to a Vienna R/C plane collector.

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2017 Retro Cup of the MFC Jauntal Austria


The 4th Retro Cup Flying Meet for retro pattern models was held on the flying field of the Model Flying Club Jauntal/St. Stefan in Austria. Read the full story »

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R/C Aerobatic World Championships 1983


HANNO PRETTNER (Austria) won the 13th World Championships for Radio Control aerobatic model aircraft in Pensacola, FL an October 10-15.

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Engine collectors accessories

The perfect engine stand for your model engine collection.

You search a display solution for your engine collection?

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Bruno Giezendanner`s Salamandre


Practice day is always the time to study the contestants’ flying form and to seek out model design innovations, and there were quite a few interesting ones this time. Big talking point of the contest was certainly Bruno Giezendanner’s (winner of the Bremen 1969 and Doylestown 1971 world championships) innovative new design which featured a variable-geometry wing. Read the full story »

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Letter from USA

Today we got a letter from Duane Wilson, SPA newsletter editor. He is very lucky to own one of our Marabus. I have never built or flown an electric plane. As I’ve been writing in the newsletter, I’ve been working with the Sky Aviations Marabu as a true to the original ARF.

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New Aerobatic pattern plane free screensaver

We put many pictures of last 3 years Swiss Retro meeting together and offer this now as a screensaver for free download. It`s the perfect PC tool for every Classicpattern enthusiast.

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Aerobatic world championship 1975 Bern / Suisse



Aerobatic R/C Airplane World Championships BERN, 8.-13.Sept. 1975

THE World Radio Control Championships for aerobatic model aircraft came home for the ninth successive competition for the King of the Belgians trophy at Bern, Switzer-land, September 8th-13th.
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OS Engines 10cc Timeline


For engine collectors, As a passionate collector we put the timeline of ever produced 10cc OS Max engines since 1963 together. (and collected)


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One day – 2 Komet Victories!



The weekend 27/28.August 2016 us at the same 2 victories at 2 Classicpattern competitions on 2 continents! 2 x successful Komet… Read the full story »

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6. F3A Retroday in Pfäffikon 9. Juli 2016



On Saturday July 9 we participate in the 6th edition of old aerobatic models from the period to 1980, This meeting is base of the 2010 Retro day in Dubendorf the meeting was held in Pfaffikon model airfield near Zürich a friendly meeting to exchange and fly Classic Pattern.

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F3A World Championships 1973 Gorizia / Italia



 F3A World Championships 1973 Gorizia / Italia, 15 new pictures!

The 8th World Radio Control Championships for aero-batics (F.A.I. Class F3A) was a cliff-hanger to the end. It was also the largest ever of the series which began, in Switzerland, in 1960, this time drawing 78 competitors from 27 countries. Newcomers were Israel, Portugal and Spain.

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Aerobatic R/C WC 1969 Bremen-Lemwerder



By DEBORAH MARTIN … as you can see from the byline we pulled a switch with a member of the distaff side reporting the activities at Bremen! As a qualitative report of the bi-annual World Championships it covers all bases with clarity and full knowledge of everything that was taking place. Her insight as to the motivation of the competitors and philosophy at the end makes it must reading

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RC1 Aerobatic Plane Trouble


Chris Teuwen about his ‘Trouble’, the R/C plane he used in the F3A World Cup in Sweden.
First a sleek hull was drawn, which offered little resistance and two prototypes built have been build, one with a …

International Friendship Flying 1965 Bendern / Liechtenstein


1965 after the Aerobatic World Championships 1965 in Sweden organized the Liechtenstein Model Club their International Friendship Flying. The new World Champion Rakph Brooke takes part at this competition.

F3A Retroday 2014 / Pfaeffikon /Switzerland


F3A Retroday in Pfaeffikon /Switzerland 2014

5th, July 2014:

F3A Retroday 2015 / Pfaeffikon /Switzerland


F3A Retroday 2015 Pfaeffikon /Switzerland
11th, July 2015:

COX & Co. 2015


Osnabrücker Modellsport-Club DO-X e.V.
Treffen für klassische Modellflugzeuge COX & Co. 2015
29.-30.August 2015
Jedes Jahr veranstaltet der Modellflugclub Osnabrück e.V. das Retro Meeting COX & Co. 2015 erschienen 47 Teilnehmer mit ca. 150 Retro Flugmodellen. Einige Piloten …

Ed Kazmirski – the legend pilot


The Beginning
Edward J. Kazmirski began building models as a child and continued throughout much of his life. Ed started out with Free Flight models then later ventured into Radio Control models. His love for modeling …

Duebersdorf F3A WC Classic Pattern Show


Im Rahmen der F3A Kunstflugmeisterschaft 2015 fand gleichzeitig eine Ausstellung mit zum Teil sehr seltenen Flugmodellen der F3A Geschichte statt.

Retro Meeting Umbria / Italien


Review Vintage Meeting TourUmbria / Italy 10th-12th, July 2015
On 10th-12th, July 2015,the 6th Italy Vintage Meeting Tour took place in Umbria Province/ Italy. About20 Italian pilots take part at this event.



Test Rossi .60
First Impression of the new Rossi 60 10 c.c. speed unit is of a really powerful and tough engine. Although resemblance to the McCoy 60 is striking, the Rossi has the appearance, and …

Test Super-Tigre ST 60


However, as is often the case with Super-Tigres, a number of design changes followed within a relatively short time and our present Engine Review is actually the third at-tempt to get a full report into …

Webra Speed .61


In all, there are now six different Webra 61 R/C engines. Two of them, the Blackhead 61 and Blackhead 61 Marine water-cooled unit, are products of the original Webra factory in Berlin.

F3A Model World Championship Bern 1975


F3A Aerobatic World Championship 1975 Bern with Wolfgang Matt, Hanno Prettne,r Dave Brown, Mark Radcliff and Okumura Yoshioka

Joe Unger`s 1960 R/C Movie


Here’s a vintage film of early 1960’s RC flying taken by Joe Unger. This was an AMA sanctioned contest at Lodi, Wisconsin. In this film are some of the very first digital proportional radios and …

Classic Pattern Plane Tipoare


A Great Planes classic pattern plane, the Tiporare.

Mach1 Classicpattern Plane 1975


Mach 1 1975 Patternplane. These seventies models were very fast aerobatic (pattern) aircraft with their retractable landing gear. As engines became more powerful, speeds slowed down as they relied more on torque than “ballistic” momentum.
This …

1972 Chicago R/C Pattern


The publisher discovered some 16mm silent film from the great Chicago Radio Control Nationals. For a couple years running in the early 1970s the Navy opened it’s gates to the entire AMA national contest. Free …

Peter Wessels F3A WM 1987


Peter Wessels at the F3A World Championship 1987

Gichi Naruke F3A WM 1987


Gichi Naruke at the F3A WM 1987

Hanno Prettner F3A 1987


Hanno Prettner Austria at F3A WC 1987

Wolfgang Matt`s Arrow


The World Championship airplane and Super Tigre’s X-60 R/C combine with Ace’s new Silver Seven to create all the “pattern potential” anyone could want.
Not so long ago, in a country far away known as South …

Arrow ARF Classic Pattern Plane


The Arrow is coming
The Arrow of Wolfgang and Guenther Matt, winner model of Aerobatic World Championship 1979.

Robbe Maexi


Robbe Maexi was offered in 2011 as anniversary edition “70 Years Robbe”

Hanno Prettner flies his Skybolt at TOC 1988


This is taken from a VHS video I made of Hanno Prettner flying his second Skybolt at the 1988 Las Vegas TOC Aerobatic competition.. This is the first Known sequence flown on the first day …